Erik creates films and television shows, using different animation techniques as well as live action and documentary style filming. Projects are often produced entirely in house; idea development, screenplay, animation, music etc. When needed collaborations are established with companies in Holland or abroad. Have a look at some of the current projects.

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Dutch writer, director, and animator Erik van Schaaik, recognized for Vent and Under The Apple Tree, is currently working on his first animated feature filmĀ Hieronymus, about medieval painter Bosch.

Anita van Dalen, Erik’s regular collaborator, experienced in the field of new media, festivals and theater, (co-)produced several of Erik’s films and is head of marketing.

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We can provide the following services:

  • idea- and story development
  • storyboarding and animatics
  • production and character design
  • animation, various techniques
  • camerawork
  • editing
  • music score
  • direction
  • production
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Piep Knor

We're working on a new format with work title Piep-Knor (Beep-Oink?). Music for kids. Here's a test:

VENT re-digitized

My first short film Vent has recently been re-digitized (from 35mm film to DCP). Thank you Michiel and Arnoud from il Luster films and thank you EYE film institute. This is the best quality version...

Under The Apple Tree winner BAFF

Under The Apple Tree has won 'Best Short' as well as 'Best Feature' (no shit!) at British Animation Film...