Today the Blenderheads from visited Pedri Animation studio's. Futurists mingling with luddites!

This production diary is all about animation. Animating the puppets for stop-motion horror comedy Under The Apple Tree. And also a bit about music. Watch me develop a happy tune to go with the credit roll of the film. Please support our crowdfunding campaign (runs untill May 26, 2015). Thank you!

Holy moly, we're doing foley! And a lot of editing, compositing, color grading, digital animating etc. We're working hard to complete our animated horror comedy Under The Apple Tree. Almost there!

The Phantom Of The Cinema is an animated short film in which we, the theater audience, get an indiscreet look behind the screen of the cinema. The film suddenly jams and breaks, allowing us to see what happens behind the projection screen when everything is going horribly wrong.

An animated short film about a man struggling against the storm. Suddenly he discovers that not everybody is affected by the wind...

This week we successfully finished the crowdfunding campaign for our stop-motion horror comedy Under The Apple Tree, we wrapped shooting in Holland, we also wrapped in Belgium and we’re ready for post-production. Thank’s a million to all our supporters, funders, likers and cider-enthusiasts! Cheers!

A great article in the Gelderlander on the Appletree Studio. Thank you Marco! 

Dutch title: Pik 
Short, sweet 'n screwy. An ox and a bird. Can't live with, can't live without.

Here is a new entry in the Under The Apple Tree production diary. Puppet-building is all about large quantities of silicone and connecting them steel bones. As always the provocative thumbnail is created in order to seduce you into clicking and watching. A lot of goodness is awaiting! Sit back and enjoy this ridiculous report. 

A measly little worm finds himself homeless, for all the apples are taken by other worms. He’s an outcast in the stormy night, until he discovers the biggest apple of them all. It’s vacant and it’s… mobile!

Writer/director Erik van Schaaik is going to read you a badtime story. Exerpts from his book. It will give you happy dreams, about supporting the film. All nice and comfy..?

A fun little horror story before bedtime, about family, apples, worms and death.

A small step for mankind but a giant step for a kid.

Here’s our latest look at the making of our stop-motion animation horror comedy. This one is about puppets and sets, but also about inspiration and long, dark nights.

No Escape! My first official song, published on Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby and what have you! Now I'm ready for my first... uhm... double album.

I wrote the Apple Tree poem as an amusing, creepy and certainly offbeat bedtime story.

Recording the voices of actors Claire King and Tim Gunther was a mile stone in bringing our characters to life. They had several characters to play, each with distinctively different voices. Rinus Aarts made sure everything was recorded perfectly. Now it's time for the animators to lip-sync the puppets to this audio track.

Short CG animation to commemorate the opening of Rozet, a beautiful new building in the city of Arnhem, home to the heritage center, the library, the art library, the art center and the community college. Our former queen Beatrix (now princess Beatrix, or Bea, as we like to call her) performed the honors by the press of a button.

A high speed overview of my work. Strap in!

Last week we wrapped our last shots at Pedri Animation (NL) and Beast Animation (BE). Have a look at Sergio taking the very last frame of the movie!