Erik creates films and television shows, using different animation techniques as well as live action and documentary style filming. Projects are often produced entirely in house; idea development, screenplay, storyboarding and animatics, animation, music etc. When needed collaborations are established with companies in Holland or abroad. Have a look at some of the current projects.

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Dutch writer, director, and animator Erik van Schaaik, recognized for Vent and Under The Apple Tree, is currently working on two feature projects: stop-motion animated feature film Nosferatu Reanimated, and live action feature Ghost In The Machine (working title). Also, he is storyboarding an Appletree follow up, stop-motion short film The Smile.

Anita van Dalen, Erik’s regular collaborator, experienced in the field of new media, festivals and theater, (co-)produced several of Erik’s films and is head of marketing.

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We can provide the following services:

idea- and story development
storyboarding and animaticsproduction and character design
animation, various techniques
music score

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JasperT, watercolor genius

Last year my father passed away. He was a gifted draftsman and watercolorist. I created two books from the large pile of work that he left behind. I am very proud of him.   JasperT 60's-20's A...

Video impression gig rowing

Here is a little impression of our gig-rowing society. Every week we jump in these rowboats to defy the waves of the Noth Sea at Scheveningen. Drone shots were done by co-rower Eva Janssens....

Nosferatu 100 years

To celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of Erik's favourite movie, we are developing a stop-motion animated feature film, reanimating the vampire of all vampires: Orlok. Out of love for the...