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Last year my father passed away. He was a gifted draftsman and watercolorist. I created two books from the large pile of work that he left behind. I am very proud of him.


JasperT 60s 20s

JasperT 60's-20's

A lifetime of drawings and watercolors. Enjoy the many landscapes, high seas, family life, jokes, gloom. Sketches of a life.


JasperT 40s 50s

JasperT 40's-50's

The beginning: Jasperts childhood. A long time ago in Baarn, Holland...

(Follow the links to enjoy a nice preview of the books)

Here is a little impression of our gig-rowing society. Every week we jump in these rowboats to defy the waves of the Noth Sea at Scheveningen.

Drone shots were done by co-rower Eva Janssens.


Promotional sketch

To celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of Erik's favourite movie, we are developing a stop-motion animated feature film, reanimating the vampire of all vampires: Orlok. Out of love for the classic masterpieces from Murnau and Herzog, we are re-imagining this symphony of horror for a modern audience. This time in glorious stop-motion! Careful though... this antique still bites venomously! 

Currently in development.

Producer: Ate de Jong - Mulholland Pictures
Writer / director: Erik van Schaaik

We have a new stop-mo animated short in the making, working with the same core team as Under The Apple Tree. In the US one would probably say that it is going to be bigger and better than Apple Tree, and it certainly feels that way. But to be precise, it is going to be very different, insanely bizarre and thought-provoking. And it is definitely going to put a broad smile upon your face. I ain't joking!

Here is a panel from the animatic (moving storyboard).

A little fun-fact about 'green in the office' (commissioned).