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We have a new stop-mo animated short in the making, working with the same core team as Under The Apple Tree. In the US one would probably say that it is going to be bigger and better than Apple Tree, and it certainly feels that way. But to be precise, it is going to be very different, insanely bizarre and thought-provoking. And it is definitely going to put a broad smile upon your face. I ain't joking!

Today I start work on the design. Keep you posted.

A little fun-fact about 'green in the office' (commissioned).

My friend Martin Fondse asked me to design his new CD and promo material. Needless to say I enjoyed it very much because, well... just listen to the music. Utterly brilliant.

My copy is a bit battered and scrached and autographed, because I got it at Noth Sea Jazz Festival. Get your own copy at Martin Fondse dot com! 

Inside the CD you find drawings that I made with eyes closed, listening to the music. I drew Martin's many faces of jazzzzzzzzzz...

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Cover photo by Krijnvan Noordwijk

Watch online

Animated horror-comedy Under The Apple Tree has returned from it’s world wide festival tour. It is now for you to enjoy online.

Under The Apple Tree premiered way back in 2015, was awarded The Golden Calf in the Netherlands and went on to win i.a. Best Animated Short at Atlanta Horror Film Festival, animated Fantasy at the Dragon Con Film Festival Atlanta, best Professional Film at Festival Stop Motion Montréal, Best Short NYC Horror Film Festival New York, Best Horror U-Horror Fest, Los Angeles, Best Short and Best Feature at British Animation Film Festival BAFF London and the Melies d'Argent for best European fantastic short film.

Just head on over to Vimeo and enjoy Under The Apple Tree. Does the film give you palpitations of the heart? Then click the heart-shaped icon. Does it evoke emotions that you wish to share? Click on the share button.

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We're working on a new format with work title Piep-Knor (Beep-Oink?). Music for kids. Here's a test: