Bosch Parade 2013

The Jheronimus Bosch 500 event brings back to life the mediaeval principle of journeyman (mates) who learned a trade from their master craftsman, at Bosch Parade: a by people moved procession of eccentric, artistic creatures on the rivers of 's Hertogenbosch.

Bosch Parade is an event of great standing: before the eyes of ten thousands of visitors, the unbridled creativity of Jheronimus Bosch merges with the unlimited interpretations by professional visual artists, designers, composers, directors and choreographers. The works of art are the products of close cooperation between these seasoned 'masters' and amateur artists, (sporting) associations and enthusiastic volunteers.

Bosch Parade travels over the river Aa along the ramparts on the north side of the city centre. Parade starts at the water tower at Hinthamereinde and ends at the rowing club Citadel at Citadellaan. There is plenty of space for spectators along the route. The quays are freely accessible. There are no stands or special reserved wheelchair places.

Here's a short impression.