In 2008 my friends and I decided to do something together. A fishing trip? Naaah... Lets make a movie. Who has an idea? Great, that'll do. Just one day of fun and shooting tape. I'm sure we could have made something truly special if we approached it like a serious job, but for once we didn't, thankfully. It all resulted in:

An offbeat no-budget short film about a backpacker who finds himself stuck on a railroad. Thankfully it's deserted. Or is it?

ST*CK! is nominated for the crime & thriller competition Shocking Shorts 2008 (13th Street). 13th Street screened the film several times. ST*CK! is selected for competition at the Hoboken International Film Festival 2009 and Oxford International Film Festival.

release date: September 2008
technique: live action
duration: 9,45 minutes
format: mov H246 / Prores
production, direction, storyboard, effects, editing: Erik van Schaaik 
production: Wendo Kroon 
starring: Titus Boonstra
camera: Marco Zaayer
sound man: Ivo Voragen
music: Martin Gort