Piece Of Cake

Piece Of Cake

Dutch title: Deksels!

A series of 24 episodes on cooking with toddlers for KRO television. Two episodes were shot on location in Paramaribo, Surinam.

Piece Of Cake was the winner of the Prix Danube 2003 in Bratislava. It finished third at the Prix Jeunesse 2004.

release date: 2002 - 2006
technique: documentary
duration: 24 X 6,5 minutes
production, camera, editing, music: Erik van Schaaik
script, direction: Wendo Kroon

We also made a christmas special for this show. It's very merry!


I wrote the tune for Piece Of Cake on a low budget, so of course this wasn't a real clarinet. I think I used a mere Roland Sound Canvas. And I loved it. Back then.

composition, keyboards, recording: Erik van Schaaik