Sausagedog Titus

Sausagedog Titus


Fourteen episodes of an animated opera for kids. Made with paper and a video cam. This was the most fun thing I ever did. And I am still very proud of it. 

release date: 1995 - 1996
technique: tabletop animation
duration: 14 X 7 minutes
direction, script, animation, music, lyrics, vocals: Erik van Schaaik
production: VPRO

Click here to view the entire series.

The Making of Sausagedog Titus (1995):


Sausagedog Titus was one of the first shows I did for television. I loved creating the world of Titus. Writing, composing, performing and drawing it all. Of course it was extremely low budget and the only way to create something that vaguely resembles an orchestra was using my Roland Sound Canvas. Listen to an exerpt (a western episode). Or have a look at the making of. Or go ahead and watch all 14 episodes!

composition, keyboards, vocals: Erik van Schaaik


Here is the moving storyboard for a new episode for the web. Short 'n English. (Work in process, obviously)