for the love of making movies,
and not just our own


We can provide the following services: idea- and story development, storyboarding and animatics, production and character design, animation, various techniques camerawork, editing, music score, direction, production. Apart from developing our own projects we assist others to realise theirs.

Idea- and story development

From idea to inspiring brainstorm session to a workable treatment to a well structured screenplay.

Storyboarding and animatics

Beatboards show an inspirational glimpse of the movie, storyboards supply a clear step by step plan for each shot, the animatic actually plays the story for you.

Production- and character design

The right colors and shapes to put an engaging protagonist into an epic scene.


Various techniques: hand drawn, puppets, computer generated or yet to be contrived. That’s the joy of animation!

Editing and compositing

Sculpting the raw footage, shaping it into that hurtling train you don’t want to get off of.

Music score

Tunes, moods, soudscapes that fit the edit, complementing the story. Don’t say it, play it.


Delivering the perfect pitch, pushing forward, inspiring the team with a clear artistic vision, getting the best out of everyone.


Basically? Making sure stuff gets made.

Just give us a call!