The Smile

The Smile

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The Smile is a story about beauty and horror, the definitive biopic documentary about the life and the downfall of Knud Dendermonde, the world-famous damsel-devouring horror-movie actor we all know as The Smile. In this documentary, we trace every step of Knud's turbulent life. There will be interviews with many of his colleagues, movie trailers and clips and unique behind the scenes footage. Finally, we get to hear the shocking truth, what REALLY happened!


The Smile is somewhat in the line of Under The Apple Tree, for it is also a Badtime Story. A series of freaky fables; bizarre stories abo ut animals and humans, stumbling to get along. One story has the characteristics of a gothic horror story, the other one is a modern documentary. Future stories will have new surprises, but also old friends from previous episodes.

Length: +/- 15 minutes
Technique: Stop-motion animation
Language: English
Genre: Mockumentary, black comedy, satire
Music: Original music score

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June 11/17 - Annecy - France
May 2/7 - Anifilm - Czech Republic
April 12/22 - Animocje - Poland
March 24 - Animation Dingle - Ireland
March 22/27 - Landshut Short Film Festival - Germany

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