The Smile

The Smile

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A story about beauty and horror. The definitive biopic documentary, delving into the life and downfall of Knud Dendermonde, the infamous damsel-devouring horror-movie actor we all know as The Smile. Through interviews, movie clips, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, the shocking truth is finally revealed.

This film raises unexpectedly deep philosophical questions in a grotesque form. (Jury report Rising of Lusitania)


The Smile is somewhat in the line of Under The Apple Tree, for it is also a Badtime Story. A series (or anthology film) of freaky fables; The Badtime Stories explore the relationship between humans and animals through offbeat, darkly comedic tales.

Length: +/- 15 minutes
Technique: Stop-motion animation
Language: English
Genre: Mockumentary, black comedy, satire
Music: Original music score

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Selected for competition in Annecy 2023 (FR), Best short film, Melies D’argent at Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival 2023 (BE), High School Jury award Jean Prevost for Best Short Film at Du Grain a Demoudre 2023 (FR), Best Animated Short Film at TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest 2023 (IT), Best Animation Award at Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2023 (UK), Best animation at Anatomy: Crime-Horror International Film Festival 2023 (GR), Audience Award at International Film Festival - El Cine Suma Paz 2023 (CO), Best animated Short at Atlantic International Film Festival 2023 (CO), Make-believe Award at Rising of Lusitania - AnimaDoc Film Festival 2023 (PL), Best Animation at Festival Internacional de Cine del Cono Sur 2023 (CL), Best International Animation Short Film at Fantaspoa 2023 (BR), Audience award best animation at Chester Animation Festival 2023 (UK), Best animation at Long Story Short International Film Festival 2023 (RO), Best Film and Best Screenplay at Short to the Point 2022 (RO), Best Film of the Festival / Audience Choice at Couch Film Festival 2023 (CAN), Audience award best short at International Animated Film Festival Animocje 2023 (PL), Nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack, Best Film and The Audience Award, winner Best Animation at ShortCutz Amsterdam Annual 2023 (NL), Special mention at Animation Marathon Athens 2022 (GR), Honorable Mention at Short Film Factory 2023 (RO), Honorable Mention at Blackbird Film Festival 2023 (USA), Special Mention at London seasonal short film festival X4 2023 (UK), Honorable Mention at Animation Dingle 2023 (IE), Semi-Finalist at Cannes Indie Short Film Festival 2023 (FR), Special Mention and Finalist at Le Chouette festival 2023 (FR), Honorable Mention at New York City Horror Film Festival 2023 (USA), Nominated Best Documentary at Short Stop International Film Festival 2022 (RO), Nominated for Golden Bloody Unicorn at Short film festival Bludenz 2024 (AT), Nominated Best Original Screenplay and Best Title/Credit Sequence at Terror In The Bay Festival (CAN) 


August 6-10, 2024 Short film festival Bludenz (Austria) Nominated for Golden Bloody Unicorn
January 14, 2024 - Los Angeles CineFest (USA)
December 10, 2023 - Volkshotel Amsterdam (Netherlands)
December 7, 2023 - New York City Horror Film Festival (USA)
December 2, 2023 - Animators Guild India Fest (India) - MoStopMo - Stop Motion Shorts Festival (USA)
December 1 - December 10, 2023 - Celludroid Sci-Fi Film Festival (South Africa)

Wanna know more about The Smile? Check out the Vlogs below!

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