The Smile

The Smile

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A story about beauty and horror. The definitive biopic documentary, delving into the life and downfall of Knud Dendermonde, the infamous damsel-devouring horror-movie actor we all know as The Smile. Through interviews, movie clips, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, the shocking truth is finally revealed.


The Smile is somewhat in the line of Under The Apple Tree, for it is also a Badtime Story. A series (or anthology film) of freaky fables; The Badtime Stories explore the relationship between humans and animals through offbeat, darkly comedic tales.

Length: +/- 15 minutes
Technique: Stop-motion animation
Language: English
Genre: Mockumentary, black comedy, satire
Music: Original music score

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September 1/9 - Off-Courts Trouville - France
August 11/14 - Flipbook Festival - Macedonia
July 14/16 - Ciudad de Mexica Int Film Festival - Mexico
July 13/16 - Snake Alley Festival of Film - USA
June 29 / July 9 -  Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - South Korea
June 27/30 - Atlantic International Film Festival - Colombia
June 19/24 - Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival - Slovenia
June 18/21 - Cannes Indie Short Film Festival - France
June 11/17 - Annecy - France

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