The Smile

a Badtime Story

Smiley Jr.

Wanna know what makes me smile..?

Creating stop-mo puppets in the computer!
Meet our baby croc Smiley!

Wanna know what makes me Smile..?

The Appletree-gang is at it again: R&D-ing the hell out of new stop-motion horror comedy The Smile. Watch us design puppets using computers, 3D printers and... uhm... Skype.

I composed a tune to go with this vlog (and with the following ones) This song will probably also end up in the movie. It's inspired by Fats Waller. 

The Smile kicks off

Today we started work on our new animated film, 'The Smile', which is going to be disturbingly funny!

What you see here, is a digital sculpt of a mouth-pose of a character called Heather Gogether. However, The Smile is not ging to be a digital movie, it's a traditional stop-motion puppet-movie. With the help of 3D color printers we will be able to send our digital characters into the real world. I will show you how that is done, soon. 

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We have a new stop-mo animated short in the making, working with the same core team as Under The Apple Tree. In the US one would probably say that it is going to be bigger and better than Apple Tree, and it certainly feels that way. But to be precise, it is going to be very different, insanely bizarre and thought-provoking. And it is definitely going to put a broad smile upon your face. I ain't joking!

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