This Or That

This Or That


Dutch title: Dit Of Dat

A pre-school series that lets you choose between this or that. Mustache or beard? Washing the dishes or setting the table? A witch or a ghost? Football or basketball? Fireman or police? We'll find out which is most popular!

release date: 2008 - 2011
technique: live action
duration: 26 X 3 minutes
production, direction, script, editing, animation, music: Erik van Schaaik
production, editing: Wendo Kroon


The original tune is based on an old tape recording of me jamming on a guitar when I was a teen. I decided to lose the guitar and just sing. What you hear is me, myself and I. I decided it was a bit too freaky for a pre-school TV-show and recorded a new ThisOrThat-tune instead.


This is the official tune for This Or That. This episode is called Apples Or Pears. You choose.

Compositions, guitar, base guitar, keyboards, vocals, recording: Erik van Schaaik